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Revolutionizing Rendering for Creativity!

At Praxilla, we are on a mission to revolutionize rendering and make it accessible and efficient for creative professionals. Our innovative rendering service streamlines the process, empowering designers to focus on their craft without being hindered by technical complexities.

With Praxilla, designers can seamlessly integrate our plugin into their preferred design software. Whether you use Blender, Cinema 4D, Autodesk Maya, or Autodesk 3DS Max, our plugin ensures a smooth workflow, allowing you to upload your design files directly to our platform.

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The Founder Team

Powering Praxilla's Vision

At Praxilla, our success is driven by a passionate and experienced founder team, each contributing their expertise to propel our vision forward. Allow us to introduce the minds behind our revolutionary rendering service:


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Tariq Al Mousa
Tariq Al MousaCEO
Stefanie Schnabel
Stefanie SchnabelCBO
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